Long Beach Community Theater

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Connecting our community one story at a time.

We are here to listen, love and serve!

Speak. Easy.

…a CASUAL storytelling event!

When:  Last Wednesday of each month
Where: Wherever you are! We’re meeting virtually on Zoom.
Time:  6:30pm – 8:30pm PST

Gratuities are greatly appreciated. Thank you for supporting your local community theater!
Suggested Donation: $5-10

February Topic:


Share a story about a time when perhaps you were going through a rough time or struggling with something and someone special stepped in, or something significant happened in your life, to remind you how very LOVED you are.

Contact us if you would like to share a personal 5-minute story.

LIMITED SPACE: 7-8 performers max.



We need your help to continue!

The world changed in many ways in 2020. For Long Beach Community Theater, it meant LIVE entertainment was forced off the stage and into our homes.  While we have absolutely loved providing this safe space and platform to bring our community together, we no longer have ticket sales to help us with our expenses.

We enthusiastically invite you to be one of our financial supporters who helps get “our” theater through this uncertain time.  No amount is too small!