The Long Beach Community Theater (LBCT) is a unique, storytelling theater where the participants are given the same topic and five minutes (or less) to share a true story from their life using any form of performing or visual art they like, from dancing, to singing, to performance art, to poetry or spoken word, to film, to painting, to straight storytelling – ANYTHING GOES! 

Performers are encouraged to be creative and to think outside the box when it comes to how they will share their story. For each performance, there are two rehearsals where each performer will receive coaching and feedback on their story before it is presented in front of a live audience.

Mission Statement

The LBCT is a small, diverse, collaborative theater that is creating the opportunity for the community of Long Beach to come together and participate in synergized shows that blend and blur the visual and performing arts by mixing genres. The concept for this community theater is to create a safe space where our friends and neighbors can share their stories using any form of expression they like. ALL are welcome to participate – from children and youngsters to adult dreamers and senior citizens. Male, female, transgender, gay, straight, happy, sad, experienced-on-the-stage to never-been-on-the-stage-before-in-my-whole-life-but-I-always-wanted-to-get-on-the-stage – diversity is not only welcomed, but it is also encouraged! This is an opportunity to let your voice be heard, to share your story.

Artistic Vision

To create an opportunity for the community of Long Beach to come forward and participate in collaborative shows that blend and blur the visual and performing arts by mixing genres. To enhance our understanding of ourselves and others by producing original material revolving around social and cultural issues as well as values pertinent to the lives of our community.


  • To empower artists and audiences to make Long Beach a more conscious and compassionate community and generate dialogue
  • To develop “homegrown” talent and celebrate local artists


To produce a minimum of two-four shows per year

  • To be recognized as a significant cultural/artistic asset by the local community
  • To teach theatre arts to anyone with a desire to learn
  • To maximize, develop, and showcase local talent To produce quality entertainment
  • To be a non-exclusionary theater that allows anyone who’s ever dreamt of being on the stage to realize that dream
  • To create an environment for art to be more accessible in our community
  • To create a feeling of belonging in a non-intimidating atmosphere
  • To entertain, inform, and educate
  • To sponsor multi-cultural ensembles
  • To be an artistic home for self-producing artists
  • To place a spotlight on the diversity that is Long Beach To help support a local non-profit by raising awareness and by collecting needed supplies.
The LBCT is a non-exclusionary theater that allows anyone who has ever dreamt of sharing their creativity to realize that dream. We believe that everyone has a story to tell – and each story matters. We encourage you to share yours! Our ultimate goal is to build up our sense of community through fabulous, homemade, one-of-a-kind, feel-good theater!